Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne

Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne.

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Solar Panel Cleaning
So, you have invested in Solar Panels and now you will need to keep them in optimum condition,
To do this you will need to keep the panels clean, like windows when you don’t clean your glass your view becomes unclear. The same happens with your panels, when dirt sits on it for a long time the suns UV is not penetrating thru which results in less charging.
How to keep your solar panels clean?
This is done by washing them, but not by soap and water as this will damage the plastic cover over time, and the same if you only use tap water as tap water contains chemicals that will damage the plastic cover. So how do you clean the panels without damaging them you need to use Pure Water.
What is pure water?
To make pure water you will need to purify tap water I use a 4-stage purification process which will bring ppm (parts per million) count down to zero. In some areas tap water can read any where between 70ppm to 160ppm which may be ok to drink but will damage some items around the home due to the chemicals in the water. My system can treat tap water, tank water, bore water and turn it into Pure Water.
How often should you clean your panels?
This will depend on the area you live in for example if you live near the coast you will need to clean your panels more often as the salt in the air will corrode your panels, and if you live in the suburbs you can get away with less cleaning, on average my clients get their panels cleaned twice a year.